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Relaxing Weekends At The Adelaide Hills

Did you know that the Adelaide Hills are also called the land of the long lunch? That is what you get to do all day here where there are wine cellars to drop by at every nook and corner, given the fifty wineries spread out in this region. Along with wines you could taste great food here, not only at the wineries or boutique hotels you come across but also at the different eateries that are known to serve up gastronomical delights to the visitors.adelaide hills

  • Wines to savor
    The Adelaide hills offer cool summer days and cooler evenings and nights. As a result, there are wines of the cool climate variety to be found here such as the Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. Mount Lofty is an area that has wildlife parks and hill treks to discover as well as boutique hotels that act as the best wedding venues Adelaide in the area. Many plan their weddings or other special occasions in such places where they can savor the perfect drink and food and celebrate in the perfect way.
  • Food to enjoy
    Wholesome, fresh produce of the hillside is what characterizes the cuisine of this region. Whether you are dining at a winery or a hotel or checking out a local restaurant or pub, you will notice the freshness of the ingredients that are sourced locally. Indeed, many people who spend long weekends and holidays here usually spend time at the farmers’ markets here to pick up local and fresh ingredients that can help them cook healthy meals at home. One can also savor the German delicacies to be found in certain parts of this region such as at the German town Hahndorf that holds on to the legacy of German settlers who inhabited this region. Not surprisingly, this area is also known for the luxurious chocolates produced, referred to as ChocoVino.
  • Accommodation options
    It should not surprise one to find a wide range of accommodation options here including boutique accomodation in South Australia. Indeed, you could take a pick among the different regions or towns here and accordingly the kind of place you wish to stay at. For those who wish to savor the different wines and drinks would do well to choose a winery or vineyard of their choice or boutique hotels that have expansive wine cellars and drinks on offer.There are eco friendly retreats to stay at as well, which can include self-service accommodation units. You could also plan a weekend wedding here with a hotel to provide you the wedding venue as well as rooms for you and your guests’ accommodation.

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