SnuggleBug Carriers

As a mom of two I needed to find a baby carrier that would work perfectly for me. I needed something strong, that would stand up to repeated washings and to the abuse that two small children can give out. I also needed something that was fast and easy. I do not have time to adjust and fumble with a carrier when I have places to go; I know that my children would never tolerate a long wait while I tried to get the carrier on. And lastly I needed convenience; I need something that does not feel like yet another product to haul around. I had looked at several styles of baby carriers, even purchasing a simple ring sling which seemed the easiest at the time. I found myself constantly looking at the beautiful Asian style carriers, or mei-ties, but both the cost and the long ties made them seem too daunting for me.

Then I stumbled upon SnuggleBug Carriers. Ok, perhaps stumbled isn't the right word. I had already been looking at the beautiful clothing and jewelry that Sarah, owner of FlutterBy Gifts ( and maker of SnuggleBug Carriers, makes and sells from her online store. Her knack for finding fun designs and her talent at a sewing machine made me a huge fan. When I began exploring her carriers I found that same quality and fun style that I had already grown to love. A friend sent me her old SnuggleBug Carrier to try out, and I fell in love. Even though it was a bit snug to wear the ease and convenience had me sold. As soon as I could I ordered my own SnuggleBug Baby Carrier.

Each carrier is made to fit specifically. My chunky baby rides comfortably in my carrier and my back and shoulders barely feel a pound of the weight. The shoulder straps are extra wide and thickly padded for great weight distribution and a more comfortable carrier. As soon as I received my carrier I put it on and danced around the room in joy over how comfortable it was to wear. I can face my very social baby out so that he can greet the world and take in everything around him, then I can turn him facing in for a little cuddle time or a nap on my shoulder. I can even slip him in on my back and enjoy content gurgles as I wash dishes, vacuum, or paint with my older son. Even nursing is a breeze in this carrier; I simply loosen one side and tighten the other to allow my baby to rest.

What really sets SnuggleBug carriers out for me is that instead of the traditional long ties that are used to hold the carrier on, SnuggleBug carriers have sturdy plastic clasps that have been tested to hold up to 75 pounds. These simple clasps snap into place easily, much like the snaps used to belt babies into highchairs and swings. Strong, easy, and safe these clasps take only a few seconds to secure and make adjusting a breeze. Finally I could go out with both of my children without hassle.

You can also buy a small bag in matching fabric that attaches to the side of your carrier. Sturdy and with a simple to open Velcro tab this bag makes the carrier almost too convenient. I can throw my wallet, my keys, and my sunglasses in the bag and be ready to go. It is small enough to be out of the way, but also large enough to fit a diaper or two and wipes if you are going to be out for a while.

Simple to use, comfortable to wear, and convenient this carrier has everything that I need. The SnuggleBug Carrier is definitely a best buy for any mom who is searching for a carrier.…