10 Tips for Decorating Small Spaces

A lot of people dream of having larger homes, but the fact is that most people live in smaller houses than they desire.

That doesn’t mean you can’t make your space feel bigger.

A great place to start when trying to decorate a small space is with your favorite belongings.

If you have a lot of things that inspire you it will be easier for you to make the room look like you want it to.

You can take inspiration from many different places, art, nature, even photos on your phone!

The key is having something to pull ideas from and then applying them in a way that works with the space that’s available.

For example, if you love vintage style but your living space doesn’t allow for much storage or furniture this could be an opportunity for some creative solutions.

A good idea would be using wallpaper instead of paint on one wall of the room.

This creates instant character without needing any big changes or big

1) Place furniture in groups

Sometimes it is better to go with multiple small pieces for seating rather than one large piece.

A set of chairs or an accent bench placed in a corner makes use of the wasted space and gives the room more depth.

2) Cabinet doors

If you have cabinets in your living room, make them work double duty by using hutch Melbourne or cabinet doors to hide away movies, blankets, decorative items, or any other things that would normally be out in the open when not used.

If your mantle is full of family photos, use a cabinet door to cover it when not in use.

3) Mirrors

A mirror placed on an empty wall will help expand the room from one wall to another and give the illusion of more space.

Mirrors should be strategically placed above a fireplace or a piece of furniture that might serve as a focal point.

They can also be used to make a dark corner seem brighter.

4) Keep decorating accessories simple

Your home may not have enough room for everything you want, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

If there isn’t enough space on tabletops or walls for your favorite decorative items, pick your favorites and place them in groupings they become art within themselves.

5) Add a window seat

Window seats are a great space saver and can serve as an extra sitting area or plant stand.

They also give you more storage space, which is the perfect place for books, blankets, and magazines.

6) Do not overcrowd

Whether it be artwork on your walls or dishware in your cabinets, items placed too close together will only look cluttered.

A little bit of breathing room adds sophistication to any room.

7) Incorporate accessories into the room’s layout

There may not be enough wall space to hang pictures, but there is always floor space available.

Use a decorative basket to collect items such as remotes and chargers that typically wind up all over the house.

8) Add new molding

Cost aside, painting new molding is a simple and easy way to make your home appear bigger.

Use bright colors such as white or light pinks for larger rooms and dark colors such as browns and deep purples for smaller spaces.

9) Lighting is key

You can have a lot of mirrors in a room but if none of them let in sunlight then it will only look dark.

Add skylights or large windows that bring in natural light whenever possible.

You can also use lamps instead of ceiling lights so it doesn’t feel as though the lights are being used up by artificial means.

10) Remove clutter from your coffee table

Bonus Tip

Don’t allow furniture to overpower the room.

Make sure all of your chairs and couches can be moved around easily for parties and entertaining.

You don’t need to make a lot of money, just an eye for details.

Avoid having too many patterns in one area as they tend to compete with each other and don’t forget to allow breathing space between the patterns so it doesn’t look like they are overcrowding one another.

You can also use this type of design if you find yourself constantly drawn to the same things such as animal print or flowers.

Your living room is oftentimes viewed as a representation of who you are as a person whether that’s true or not, it does begin to feel like “home” after a while so it’s important to add accents that aren’t just functional but inviting and comfortable.

Your home should feel like a cozy and warm retreat at the end of a long day, not an overcrowded storage unit.

Somehow over time, people seem to accumulate enough magazines and coffee table books to rival a small library.

If you can’t organize them into a bookcase or cabinet, then they need to be removed from the living space completely.

A clutter-free surface gives an instant facelift to any room.…

Plumbing and Independence

He called her from Iraq.

She told him that she planned to fix the toilet.

It had been malfunctioning for months,

even after he had 'repaired' it.

He became irritated,

as he usually did.

He began to berate her,

as he usually did.

"You can't fix that yourself."

"You don't even know what's wrong with it."

"Do you even have any tools?"

She ended the conversation.

She looked carefully at the mechanisms in the toilet tank.

She noted exactly what was wrong.

She drew a diagram.

At the hardware store,

she presented the problem

and was presented

with a replacement kit.

At home, she read the instructions.

She read them again.

She took a break and gathered some tools.

She read the instructions again.

Still baffled, she followed step one.

That was easy enough.

She followed step two.

When the toilet was fully repaired,

and working better than it had in years,

she had a celebratory bowl of ice cream

and wondered

what else she was capable of doing herself.…