Hit by a Freight Train

All the books out there on pregnancy week by week, baby development week by week, but there's no after delivery week by week for us new moms! Why doesn't anyone tell you that after you give birth you feel like you've been hit by a freight train? Not for a day or even a week, but months!

Giving birth is a crazy experience that no one can prepare you for! That feeling of contractions, knowing you are going to meet that little miracle that's been inside you all those months, that gets you through it all! But what happens after the baby is out? This is what everyone seems to forget to tell you about. Yes, you have that miracle on your chest but that doesn't mean lied is all fine and dandy.

After giving birth you are in pain and are bleeding, a lot! You don't bleed for a few days but for weeks. Just when you think the bleeding has stopped it appears again after a leisurely walk you made yourself take to get out of the house! You sometimes feel like you can't walk from the couch to the bathroom without feeling so much pressure and pain that you could scream (not to mention the pain of actually going to the bathroom).

Around week 9 or 10 your body, minus that extra weight and leaking boobs, seems to be back to normal. By this time you are so sleep deprived that you might be hallucinating that you're body is actually back to normal!

For any new moms or moms to be, if you want more advice, information or insight on this topic give my article some love and I'll put together another article!…