Night of the Wolves

Proud and alone stands the wolf
Mournfully he howls at the moon
In reply answers only the night

Like glass, silent is the night
Overhead hangs the full moon
To that moon, howls the wolf

Alone in the sky is the moon
On a dark, eerie night
Alone in that night howls the wolf
Piercing the night, the wolf howls at the moon.

Gently blows the night breeze
It rustles the leaves of the trees
It answers the wolf in its own way

Round glides the wind, every which way
It whispers through the forest and the trees
On a cool autumn night, blows the breeze

To the howl of the wolf bow the trees
They bend in the respect of the old way
Aided by the cool autumn breeze
And the trees find their way in the breeze of the night.

Through the forest, the she wolf runs
Guided by the full moon's light
And the howl of her yonder mate

The wolf awaits the arrival of his mate
Watching out for her in the moon's light
Listening to her steps on the breeze as she runs

She sees him at last in the full moon's light
Noble and proud, there stands her mate
He sees her too and to meet her he runs
Runs the she wolf with her mate in the light of the moon.